Study plans and feasibility studies

Our engineering activity and study plana (complex study plans and grid analyses) extend to a number of specialty areas, regardless of voltage level. Activities of the study plans:
•    assessment of the state of the designated area
•    determination of the fundamental points of design
•    study plans and feasibility studies

•    planning
•    plan reviewing activities
•    design of systems based on renewable energy sources
•    design and licensing of heavy current systems
•    design of electrical systems of industrial and communal facilities
•    lightning, shock proofing, fire and occupational safety planning
•    preparation of the related sectoral planning documentation (architecture and structural engineering)

Expert assessment, technical management and supervision
•    energy expert activity
•    technical supervision activity
•    technical management activity

EPC, project management
Our Company is intensively present in designing and management of domestic and overseas energy projects, especially the electricity utility industry. We are present on the electricity market both as an investor and as a project manager.

Operation and maintenance
The reliable operation of electrical equipment guarantees the constant availability of the heavy current grid, hence our emphasis on its maintenance. It is especially important in case of the electricity networks of businesses, renewable and industrial facilities, plants, warehouses, etc. In the course of maintenance, the protection settings and connecting controls are also checked besides the equipment and the connections.